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Book Review: by Ravi Samalad

The author, Arvind Paranjape explains the concepts of financial planning and mutual funds through interesting analogies which readers can easily relate to.

Internet is loaded with information about mutual funds. However, besides the information not being entirely reliable, the jargon can put off a lay investor. Arvind Paranjape’s book, “Prosperity through mutual funds” is a step-by-step guide on creating wealth through mutual funds and explains jargon in a simple and interesting manner.

The book is intended to help those who are new to financial world and for those who wish to enhance their knowledge about investments.

Using the interaction between two fictional lay investors, Yash and Isha and a fictional advisor Shekhar, the book explains concepts like asset allocation, inflation, asset allocation, power of compounding. The interaction between these characters in everyday situations makes the reading light and easy even for a layman. In fact, the key strength of the book is that the concepts are not defined in a typical textbook style.

The book starts with Yash and Isha attending an investor awareness meet organized by a financial advisor Shekhar on the topic ‘How to Grow Rich’ through financial planning. Inspired by Shekhar’s ideas, Yash and Isha decide to enroll for financial planning. What follows is a long interaction with Shekhar where Yash and Isha clarify all their doubts about investment.

The author has explained various concepts of mutual funds through analogies which readers can easily relate to. To explain diversification, Arvind drives home his point with the analogy of a farmer Ram Nimbalkar who cultivates multiple crops so that he is not affected by vagaries of weather if a few of his crops turn bad. Cultivating a single crop means taking high risk. The same holds true when one invests his/her entire savings in a single asset class. 

The book is divided into five parts. The first part deals with financial planning, asset allocation, choosing asset class, power of compounding, inflation and risk assessment while the remaining part of the book delves deep into mutual funds.

The expertise and passion of the author Arvind Paranjape who has been an advisor since 2003 clearly comes across. The book is available at a price of Rs. 295 in both English and Marathi and is published by Tejal Prakashan.

If you wish to help your clients take informed decisions and enroll for financial planning, then this is the book to gift them.

Whether to book Profit now?

Equity markets have run up quite a lot and some investors are asking if this is a time to book profits in mutual funds. For those who are long term investors, suggest not to book the profits at this stage. Valuation of the market though is not cheap, is not costly also. Many parameters like GDP to Total market cap, capacity utilization, credit growth, Return on Capital, EPS growth etc indicate that there is significant upside left ahead. Foreign investors and companies are optimistic of the outcome of the policy initiatives taken by the present government. India is island of growth compared to the world. India story is likely to yield better results in next few years. So better to stay invested and add systematically. Moreover, Mutual fund is not a trading product and if you want to really get profit by selling now and reentering when markets are down, you should be lucky both the times to catch that moment of high and low points. Go ahead if you are confident!! 

September 17, 2016

मंत्र गुंतवणुकीचा - राजहंस प्रकाशन. हस्ते: अनिल बोकील, यमाजी मालकर, डॉ. सदानंद बोरसे

Enhance your Returns on Mutual Fund Portfolio.

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Add Small Cap & Focused schemes.

Strategy in an Election Year for MF Investors

Step up SIP & Other Important things you should know about your SIP

Many people do SIP but some of these do not serve the purpose. How can one really benefit from SIP?

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तुम्हाला नियमितपणे रक्कम हवीय? लेखक: अरविंद शं. परांजपे

निवृत्त झाल्यावर खर्चासाठी नियमितपणे रक्कम मिळणे आवश्‍यक असते, कारण समाजातील थोड्याच लोकांना पेन्शन मिळते. त्यामुळे अशी नियमितपणे रक्कम मिळण्याची सोय म्युच्युअल फंडातील ‘एसडब्ल्यूपी’ म्हणजे ‘सिस्टीमॅटिक विथड्रॉवल प्लॅन’मध्ये असते. ( Daily Sakal: 21st August 2018)

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Mutual Fund book- 6th Edition- 10,000 sold

About my Book

Prosperity Through Mutual Funds
A Step by Step Guide

Salient features of the Book
1. Book is for those who who wish to invest wisely and do not have any prior knowledge of the capital market.
2. The book would help the aam admi to reap the benefits of the future growth in the Indian economy.
3. Apart from covering mutual funds in depth, the book also discusses in details important topics like financial planning, asset allocation, portfolio management, taxation, life insurance, retirement planning etc.
4. The book is written in a story format. The investment dialogues are reader friendly helping in making an otherwise dry subject of investment an interesting read.
5. Written by a professionally qualified financial adviser with rich experience.

Invest in Knowledge

Dear Readers, My English book, "Prosperity through Mutual Funds", which has got very positive feedback from a number of readers, is now  available at Rs.200- Special Festival Price till 6th October (MRP Rs.295)  Please visit:



Experts say:

 Financial Planning and investments! A subject about which everybody talks a lot, but very few go into details.

Mr Arvind Paranjape, in his book, takes you through such an, otherwise disliked subject, effortlessly. Conversational style makes the subject easy to understand. The characters used are easy to find around us. Topics are chosen aptly which are of extreme importance in personal finance.

A must read for those who want to understand the world of Mutual Funds.

Prabhakar Shidhaye
Certified Financial Planner

 This Book serves the dual function of being a guide to those who want to get the fundamental understanding of the financial investments and also serve as a reference guide to those who are familiar with the concepts in general but need to refresh their knowledge on some specific points. 

Jitendra Marathe,
Chartered Accountant

The Author has covered most of the aspects of investing and has made it easy for a layman. Simply superb! I recommend it to all the investors. 

Mohit Abkari

Our sincere appreciation for your stupendous efforts  in writing this very lucid book which has all your distilled wisdom of years  into it. It is highly readable written in a very simple & nice language( at the same time without any compromise on the content's depth)  & we find that it is must read for everyone who wants to have a stress free retired life.
The most important thing I personally liked was your  formula   Income minus savings= Expenses, which is the KEY  for planning for future.
Waman & Vineeta Joglekar,

माझी छायाचित्रकला - Table calendar

म्युच्युअल फंडात संयमाची कसोटी

n the present volatile market, the Mutual Funds investors need to have patience to see their investments grow. Believe in Indian economy and Indian Mutual funds Managers. India growth story is in tact and things shall be better. So, investors, continue investing through Systematic transfer plans. Do not stop your SIP.

म्युच्युअल फंड पुनर्रचना आणि तुम्ही!

Reorganization of schemes is done by the Mutual fund schemes. However, investors need to have a look at their portfolio and see that corrective actions if any are taken.
Please read on to understand the implications of category changes and switch within schemes.



Investor Enrichment Program- Shailesh Hall, Pune on 18/01/2017


Interview on

‘My maid servant and her rickshaw driver husband built their house, thanks to MF SIPs’

Pune based financial advisor and author of the book ‘Prosperity through Mutual Funds’ Arvind Paranjape shares his experiences with Cafemutual.

What inspired you to get into financial advisory?

I am a Cost & Management Accountant and Company Secretary, having worked in the industry for 20 years before starting my advisory practice. I have had diverse experience in finance, costing, software and as a Company Secretary in a few listed companies.

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