Arvind Paranjape

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तब भी बोला

Tab Bhi Bola….

तब भी बोला 

An Entertaining and Educating program about the Tabla.

Story of Tabla with a commentary and demonstration

  •  Tabla is the most versatile percussion instrument in the world
  •  Indian musicians adopted the concept of the tal from nature
  •  North Indian music and Tabla are inseparable
  •  Human beings, by nature love rhythmic movements

Program highlights

 Designed and Presented by Arvind Paranjape

  • Duration:  About 1 hour
  • Introduction of Tabla as an accompanying and a solo playing instrument
  • Listeners of all the age groups can enjoy the program
  • Performances in India(Pune, Satara) and abroad (U.K,  Australia, Indonesia, Dubai)

About Arvind Paranjape 

  • Disciple of the Late Pt. G L Samant and Talyogi Pt.  Suresh Talwalkar
  • He accompanies for vocal, instrumental and Kathak dance and is also a solo Tabla player
  • He has Organized and participated in a number of musical programs on behalf of Kalapini
  • He is a Co-producer of an audio CD Swarkamalanjali (bandish composed by Pt. Kamlakar Joshi and "Pakhawaj Parampara"  of Pt. Vasantrao Ghorpadkar.

Comments from the Audience

I enjoyed the program.

Lion Sateesh Rajhans